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Rubber stamps are an end-product whose limited intended personal use is "rubber stamping" by hand. Rubber stamps are NOT a free source of art for commercial projects of any size whether for profit or not. You are purchasing the physical rubber stamp NOT the rights to the design on said stamp.

Licensing information is located further below.

For those who have a hard time understanding what this means... We will illustrate... if you purchase a rubber stamp with a Mickey Mouse© design, your ONLY legal right is to hand stamp your projects with said stamp. You are never given the right to create anything for resale, nor to reproduce said Mickey Mouse™ in any shape or form... at all time Mickey Mouse remains the exclusive property of Disney© .... our designs are no different!

We clearly indicate on each stamp detail page which designs can be used within the Angel Policy and which may not. The terms of the Angel Policy are:

  • Must be stamped by hand
  • Quantity 20 or less per design
  • Must be for an occasional event (personal use.. church bazaar, schoold event,) NOT an on-going venture (commercial)
  • Credit must be given to Stamp Francisco or as described below whenever possible.

Below is the legal detail of what was stated above:

Angel Policy for Stamp Francisco©, Fruit Basket Upset©, Ivory Coast Trading Poste®, Gumbo Graphics©, Hippo Heart©, Eclectic Omnibus©, Art by Moonlight© and Imagine©:

We have both original designs, for which we have an exclusive copyright, and designs that are adapted from works in the public domain. Some designs are trademarked and may not be used in any "commercial" project (ie: logo). Item 24-001, 24-043, 24-044, 24-065 and 109-028.

For designs adapted from works in the public domain - while the original is copyright free, our adaptations are copyrighted 1982 through the present.

Stamp Francisco LLC is an Angel Company. We are a user-friendly company and want our stamps to be used and enjoyed.

You may use Stamp Francisco©, Ivory Coast Trading Poste®, Fruit Basket Upset©, Gumbo Graphics©, Hippo Heart©, Eclectic Omnibus©, Art by Moonlight© and Imagine© designs to create items for sale as long as the images are stamped BY HAND and as described below.

This use has been surpassed when quantities of greater than 20 are produced and/or the items are made by hired employees. The basic idea is that we want to help folks who wish, for example, to sell cards at a church bazaar...this would be a one-time event with a limited number of items made for resale. Our designs and our stamps are NOT a source of artwork for any commercial project. For further details or permission on additional use, please "Contact Us". Please READ the licensing information located below before contacting us... unless you are willing to license our designs... the answer is NO.

We expressly forbid mechanical or digital reproduction of our images. Mechanically or digitally reproduced use of our images violates our copyright, except where it concerns only a few copies for personal use and will be handled as such.

Items and designs shown cannot be duplicated without specific written consent from Stamp Francisco and/or its licensors. No reproduction by digital, electronic or mechanical means is allowed including, but not limited to, use on the internet, scanning, video or digital reproduction, copy machines or printing, without written consent. This policy will be strictly enforced. Stamp Francisco cannot be responsible for any misuse of the designs contained within this website.

You may not sell the designs themselves or reproduce them in any form or manner without written consent from Stamp Francisco LLC. You may not use a design as a logo or company trademark without expressed written permission.

Imagine© line of rubber stamps though granting you the "angel policy" use as described above, is a licensed line and we cannot therefore license it to you. The artist retains all rights to his designs.

Angel Policy for Bartholomew's Ink© and Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers©:

The above policy applies to all of our rubber stamps EXCLUDING our licensed lines, which are Bartholomew's Ink©, and all the licensed images from Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers©. On these two lines we CANNOT give permission for you to use them on products you will be selling for profit as well as selling for non-profit. We own the exclusive right to make rubber stamps from those lines and the artists retain the right to their designs for all other uses.

Bartholomew's Ink© policy states the following: The stamps images are for personal use only. They may not be used for commercial purposes, or reproduced by any electronic or mechanical means.

Crafters you may use our stamps to make handcrafted notecards and stationery provided that:
1 - you make no more than 10 editions per image, and
2 - the images are handstamped.

Please credit both Stamp Francisco© AND Bartholomew's Ink© when submitting artwork made with Bartholomew's Ink© rubber stamps.

If you have any questions, or if you need special permission, please contact the licensor, Sandy Bartholomew

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers© licensed images are for private, non-commercial use only. All artwork displayed is the sole property of the individual artist who designed it. Therefore, no permission can be granted for any purpose other than private, personal use. No licensed stamps from RBBB© may be used for items to be resold in any manner whatsoever. Reproduction in any other media, digital, electronic, or mechanical, is strictly prohibited and a violation of the Copyright Law of 1979.

Please credit both Stamp Francisco© AND Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers© when submitting artwork made with RBBB© rubber stamps.

If you are unsure of any of these terms, please email us for permission or clarification.


Please read the Angel Policy stated for EACH design on the design page detail.

If it says "yes" to Angel Policy and Stamp Francisco under the copyright holder this means we own the design and can license it to you.

If it says "yes" to Angel Policy but the name under copyright is not Stamp Francisco, then we do not own it and cannot license it.

If it says "no" to Angel Policy this means we cannot license said design to you since we do not own it and that we license it from the artist.

Please read the "Angel" policy for each stamp line.

We have new terms that make it easy and affordable to license one of our designs.

Please note that designs 24-001, 24-043, 24-044, 24-065 and 109-028 are trademarked and not eligible for licensing. Same applies to all the Frida Kahlo and other famous persons.

If a design is eligible for licensing, please use the "Contact Us" form, select "Licensing" and email us with:

  • Your name and the name of your company
  • Your website if you have one
  • The purpose or project for which you want to license a design
  • The design(s) you wish to license
  • The number of items you plan to make
  • The length of the licensing
  • Where you will be selling the licensed products and to Whom
  • The quantity of items you will be making

We always appreciate receiving a sample of the artwork created with our images whenever possible. Please send to:

    Stamp Francisco - 308 SE 271st St - Camas. WA 98607

Include instructions, name, address, phone and email on the back of the artwork if you wish for your artwork to be credited to you in our Art Gallery.

Please give credit to Stamp Francisco© and its respective and associated trademarks whenever possible

If those terms are not met we reserve the right to refuse selling our products to you or your company.

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