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Question #1:
How do I change my email in my account and for the Newsletter?

A: When you change email you will need to:

  • log in your account with your old email
  • select edit account
  • change the email in your account .. make sure to save!
    for the newsletter:

  • you will need to UN-subscribe the old email address
  • you will need to subscribe the new email you can do that from the menu on the left of the home page (yellow border)

Question #2:
How do I locate my account?

A: I do not have an online account AND I purchased from you at a show AND filled up the Membership Form AND still have the SAME email address? OR you purchased via snail mail and provided an email address which is still current.

  • Go to the homepage
  • Locate the "Account Login" fields (pale yellow area)
  • Click on the purple link "Forgot Password"
  • Enter the email address you provided when you made your purchases.
    The site will automatically email you the temporary password we set for you.
    To change the password to one of your liking, follow the steps described in the first question.

A: I do not have an online account AND I purchased from you at a show AND filled up the Membership Form AND have NO access to the old email OR you purchased via snail mail and have NO ACCESS to the old email OR had no email at the time of your purchases?

You need to email us so that we can locate your account and make the changes for you.

Click here" to contact us.

Select the subject line "Locate Account" and provide ALL the information that can help us locate your account. If you signed up the form (except for Australian and German customers), we've got you! Please include:
  • First and last name used at the time of the purchase
  • Your HOME phone number used at the time of the purchase
  • Your complete address used at the time of the purchase
  • Your OLD email address
  • Your new email address
  • Date of purchase or show you attended

IF you signed up the little Membership Form we had at the shows we have you in the system. If you did not fill up said form, you will not be in the system. Our records are 100% accurate and up-to-date.

We must apologize to our German and Australian customers. Except for few customers we have not been able to transfer the generic show invoices to your personnal accounts for 2 reasons:

    Australian customers: The converted AUD price could not be converted to Loyalty Points... we tried on few invoices, but had to print each invoice, void said invoice and then enter each rubber stamp again at the equivalent US prices to get to the proper computation of loyalty points... unfortunately, even with the best intentions... an impossible task!

    German Customers from Stempel Mekka 2005: Except for customers who pre-ordered stamps and whose information was obtained either via email or snail mail... we have not been able to read the information on the Membership List. As I am not familiar with the German Language, I was not able to "guess" some of the words and letters. As a result, we have not been able to move "generic" transaction to a person's name.

Question #3:
I've made purchases from you (Stamp Francisco) BEFORE opening an online account... Did I earn Rubber Dividends and where are they?

A: YES, you did IF:

  • You made purchases via snail mail from 3/16/02 to 8/16/07
    - If you provided an email which is still current, please read the answer to Question #2
    - If you provided an email to which you no longer have access, please read the answer to Question #2.
    - If you had no email at the time of the purchase, please read the answer to Question #2.
  • You made purchases at a rubber stamp convention AND filled up the Membership Form. Read the answers to questions #2 on how to access your account.

On August 16th, 2007 we uploaded ALL the Rubber Dividends¨ earned and redeemed via snail mail, email and at conventions.

On August 16th, 2007 we merged ALL non-Cart ("old") Rubber Dividends¨ and MERGED them with Cart ("new") Rubber Dividends.

Question #4:
2007 and on - Will I earn Rubber Dividends¨ at a stamp convention?

A: As of 8/16/07, we've merged "old" and "new" Rubber Dividends¨ and ONLY purchases made via the cart will earn and redeem Rubber Dividends¨. So, the answer is NO.... UNLESS, you place a show pre-order VIA the cart. You will be charged a flat rate handling/shipping fee. If the cart charge more, you will be refunded the difference, the day after you place the order. ONLY those pre-orders will be able to earn and redeem Rubber Dividends.¨

More details can be found on the "Conventions Page"

Question #5:
I have used several emails and created several accounts to make online purchases, can you use the Rubber Dividends¨ from one account to another?

A: The answer is NO. Your email address is what ties all the complicated earn/redeem history together.

If you've made a purchase before and cannot locate your account, you can enter the various email you use until the cart lets you know which is correct and then if you do not remember the password you've used in conjunction with said email, simply use the "Forget Password" feature and the cart will automatically email you your password.

If you remember your password and the email in your account is "old" you simply need to log in with the old email and go to "Edit Account" and change the email to the new one BEFORE you make a new purchase.

As the last resort, use the "Contact Us" form, subject "Locate Account" and we will let you know. This is NOT an automated feature and depending on how busy we are or where I am in the world... it make take few days to receive an answer.

Question #6:
I signed up your various "Mailing Lists" and never made a purchase from you. Did you create an account for me?

A: No, we did not. However, the provided email was added to our "Newsletter". If you wish to un-subscribe or change the email on file, you can do so from the home page "Mailing List" fields located in the Bright Yellow left menu.

You will find detailed information in part 2 of the Answer to Question #1.

Question #7:
I was a Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers or Art by Moonlight customers... What info do you have for me?

A: If you made a purchase from us since we purchased those lines, you do have an account.

If you did not make a purchase from Stamp Francisco and we had an email address for you, it was added to our mailing list.

Please read the info located in the answer to Question #1 to make a change to your account or to the Mailing List subscription.

Question #8:
Why was my name added to the Mailing List?
In order to let everyone know how to access their account and/or that our E-commerce website was completed we had to upload everyone and then let each person decide whether they wish to be or not on our Mailing list.

Question #9:
Why have I never received a mailing from you guys?
Quite frankly, we've kept a very low profile until we could upload and merge all the earned Rubber Dividends and combine all the duplicate accounts we could identify.

We understand how frustrating it can be to know you have credits (Rubber Dividends¨) and not to be able to use them... 'cause they were not yet on the site... thereby, we did not promote the site!

Question #10:
Do you guys have any tips on how I can remember which email I used on your site?

A: YES, we do! When you place an order, we send you a Virtual Receipt and a second email with tracking information. Save your Virtual Receipt in your mail program. Create a Mailbox called RS Receipts... and move all your online receipts in their. When you are ready to place another order, open the email from the site you wish to visit and look up the email it was sent to... easy solution...

With 14,000 rubber stamps designs, we know most of you will be back... so you may even create a Mailbox called SF or Stamp Franciso.

Question #11:
How come I do not receive the Virtual Receipt or your email with the tracking info?

A: You need to add the 3 email we use to your spam filter. Those 3 emails are disclosed to you in red on the checkout page. We do not post those related to the order processing anywhere on the site due to spammers junk mail. EARTHLINK customers... this is for you. Please note that we do not have the time to fill up the form sent by Earthlink when our emails bounce back to us.

Click here" to contact us for any question you may have regarding your account that is not already addressed in this FAQ. We will post the answer here, if this is a how-to question.


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