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"I just received my shipment from you. It was a big shipment of stamps. I am SO impressed with these stamps. The first stamp I ever bought, many years ago, was from Stamp Francisco (when they were in S.F.). Since then, I've bought many, many stamps. Looking at the shipment from you, I felt some of the excitement over rubber stamps that I haven't really felt for quite a long time. The stamps are so high quality, deeply etched, and they are just beautiful! I can't wait to start using them in my art work. Thanks for doing such a great job."
Patricia, OR 12/12/07

"Just a short note to let you know that I recd YOUR Kitty Choir today. I will have to play with it to get the image inked properly --- but, there is a big difference in the detail from the one from that other company. Have to get to the site to order a couple more stamps....."
Sue, TN 12/12/07

"I will be back for more! This is one of the best websites in terms of organization and content (not to mention the incredible assortment of stamps you have!)!
Christine, WA 12/08/07

"As always, your promptness in responding to my question(s) is/are always much appreciated. I love your website and it's extremely user friendly. I feel as if you have a gift for knowing what your customers want, not only with respect to beautiful and fun merchandise, but the way you take time out of your busy schedule to communicate with us (the customer). Thank you for your honest, friendly and professional customer relations. I know I'm not the only one who appreciates it. For those that know me, I only say what I mean (which can be a good/or bad thing), but I meant every word. I must also add to my earlier transmittal, that you treat your customers fair and I believe they know it. Sometimes good folks seem few and far between these days, it's reassuring to have nice people like you to do business with. All the best."
Cynthia, Seattle 11/29/07

"Just wanted to let y'all know my order arrived and I am super excited about the stamps-they are great! Tomorrow I plan to get them dirty and play away!!! Thanks for the wonderful service and your stamps are outstanding, I plan to do more business with you soon. thanks again."
Becky, LA 11/29/07

"Stamp Francisco has been an advertiser here on Gingerwood for awhile and I've ordered from them before - but I just wanted to again say how much I love them and their website. I'd gotten an e-mail that they were having a sale on some UM sheets and, of course, I wanted some! They also have their website set up in THE MOST organized way - it's soooooo easy to shop. Anyway, they shipped super fast, the shipping cost was reasonable, the UM stamps were good quality, and they came with their own index sheet. I was VERY happy!! Love them."
Kathy aka Rupert, As posted on Gingerwood 11/24/07

"I got my order. They're terrific as usual. Thank you!"
Jeen, PA 11/17/07

"Thank you for the prompt service. I am very pleased with the stamps. Thank you."
Gail, CA 11/16/07

"How cool you are Catherine and I'm a Catherine too!!!!! How fab to take the time to respond in such a personal and appreciative manner - WOW! SO looking forward to reconnecting with you all and it's been such a delightful experience so far! And bless my sister's heart for the gift certificate - she knows as a mixed media artist I have ink in my blood and rubber and wood permanently mounted to my hands................... Your kindness made my day, have an incredible holiday season."
Catherine, VA 11/16/07

"Just a tiny note to say I loved the newsletter!! Thank you for putting it together."
Inger Lise, Norway 11/14/07

"I understand the delay and appreciate your customer service, you are wonderful at communicating!"
Shelly, MI 11/13/07

"Great job on the newsletter. Congratulations!"
Sharon, AZ 11/13/07

"I would just like to say *THANK* *YOU* for the great newsletter! I was thrilled to get it. I just want you to know that I have been a fan of your stamps for years!"
Wendy, TN 11/12/07

"This is the most wonderful newsletter. You folks have always been one of my most favorite stamp companies, and I can't wait to make an order. Thank you so much for keeping me in your files. It has been awhile since I have ordered."
Joann, AZ 11/12/07

"Thanks so much for the referral. I just sent a message to Fran after looking at her website and being pretty overwhelmed. I've already referred a stamp-happy friend to your website and will do so at every opportunity in the future.Thanks again for your excellent service and courtesy."
Debora, CA 11/12/07

"Just wanted to say thanks for the newsletter and the notice about the private sale. You've made the long wait for the new site well worth it. It's great to see so many wonderful stamp images in one easy to navigate site. Keep up the great work!"
Joji, MO 11/11/07

" I don't normally do this, but I must comment on the fabulous job you did on the newsletter!! I receive several newsletters and this is among the best! Congratulations!!"
Verna, CA 11/11/07

" I am stunned with your stamp selections!!! I'm so glad you sent the newsletter to prompt me to go to the website today and browse. Thanks for all your hard work. Not to brag upon myself , but... I have been stamping since 1980, and it's difficult to impress me at this point. I have *lots* of stamps, and I get tired of seeing the same old images over and over again. Your Asian selection alone is staggering! I'm so glad that someone still cares about stamping and wants to put some effort into it."
Linda, 11/11/07

"It's good to see you back!!! I am excited to see this newsletter!"
Stephanie, MN 11/11/07

"Hi.This is the best Newsletter from a Stamp Company on the Web. I can tell your heart goes into it!"
Mary, AZ 11/11/07

"I wanted to let you know that your gorgeous stamps arrived today. Thank you so much."
Pat, MI 11/10/07

"Thanks for much for the speedy service, all the help and the extra goodies too!"
Kendall, IN 11/3/07

"Tout est bien arrive, merci beaucoup, et un grand merci pour les petits suis tres contente..voila de quoi m'occuper cet hiver..les transparents sont tres chouettes aussi.. et encore mille merci pour votre gentillesse.. Bien le bonjour de France ou les températures sont prŹs de zero.."
Brigitte, France 11/2/07

"Hiya! I seriously could get lost in this site! Lastly, you guys rock - and no, I am not just saying that to get on your good side... seriously."
Christi, CT 11/1/07

"Thank you for the prompt service. I love the designs as well as the stamps. Thank you."
Gail, CA 11/1/07

"Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with my first order of stamps from you. Extremely pleased. I find browsing the site to be very easy and pleasant. You have a great selection, and I am looking forward to having enough money to keep up with my wishlist."
Gale, MO 10/23/07

"You have the best site I have seen thus far for rubber stamps, love your name too!"
Amy, NY 10/19/07

"Really great site; well organized; terrific variety. Will shop here again."
Claudia, TN 10/15/07

"I'm glad to tell You, that the wonderful stamps reached today."
Marina, Germany 10/6/07

"Thank you SO MUCH for your prompt response. Our order was just delivered and the stamps are FANTASTIC! We had been eagerly awaiting your shipment and we were thrilled with the quality and creativity of your stamps. You have made our day!! Thanks again and look forward to my next order!"
Marlin, TX 09/24/07

"Love your glad to find RBBB stamps again!! Thanks"
Margaret, LA 09/24/07

"Just to let you know that my stamps were delivered by the Post Office personally on friday and I am thrilled with them all. Will be buying more as soon as possible."
Lela, South Africa 9/22/07

"When I arrived home from work yesterday, my stamp order had arrived! I was very excited and pleased with the fast response time! Hats off to you. It was tempting to call in sick today so I could stay home and play with my new images....but I'll have to patiently wait until the whistle blows, and I can stamp to my hearts content!"
Teri, UT 08/09/07

"Thank you for being so courteous! I sincerely appreciate it. I cannot wait to get my stamps from you---I am sooooo excited."
Sandy, TX 8/06/07

"Oh my goodness....I found your site today and absolutely LOVE it!!"
Terri, ME 8/04/07

"I received my stamps today and they are wonderful! Really, really quick. I am pleased and impressed."
Monica, CA 7/31/07

"I just received my stamps and they look great! I can't wait to go home and play."
Kathleen, IL 07/26/07

"Thanks so much, I love your stamps and your service is great!"
Ann, CA 7/26/07

"Nice selection of stamps. Thanks!"
Kathryn, VA 7/25/07

"Hi!!! Got my stamps today, haven't looked thru them yet, but I know I'll love them! Thanks you so very much and you know I adore you guys!!!
Donna, GA 7/19/07

"Thanks, just wanted to let you know that I've received my stamp. I was impressed with how quickly you got my "larger" order processed! thanks"
Darcy, NC 7/18/07

"I hope you certainly DID NOT drive to the Portland Airport Post Office specifically for my package. I would feel just awful! As far as beautiful stamps -- ALL OF YOUR STAMPS ARE BEAUTIFUL! I'd love to own every single one of them, but I think my husband and I would have to move for a bigger house, not only for my craft addiction, but also for my furry children. You do exceptional, quality work, and I love every single one of them. Thank you. P.S. I'm getting the itch to order more stuff - so keep an eye out!"
Cynthia, WA 7/17/07

"Hi! Got my Christmas stamps and I adore them! Thank you so much...:) You are my rubber stamp hero's...thank you so much for getting the "Joyeux Noel" into the last order. It was just what I needed!!!"
Donna, GA 7/16/07

"Your stamp selection is awesome!"
Marieve, Canada 7/13/07

"Thank you! You are the absolute best! :) I can't wait to get this order, plus the last order, also the next order because I know it'll be wonderful too! You guys are the best, have a great day!"
Donna, GA 7/05/07

"Thank you so much for the beautiful Halloween rubber stamps I received. I have never been happier with a rubber stamp order (from any company). The images are excellent!!!!"
Robin, MD 6/26/07

"I love your website and often waste hours just viewing everything. I've gotten lots of inspiration from your site and love that you have such a wide selection from whimsical to artistic. Love your gallery. Thanks for responding to my email so quickly. Can't wait to order again."
Penci, TX 6/17/07

"I love all your French stamps and ephemera - you're the best source!"
Kathie, WI 5/23/07"

"I am so impressed. By far the finest selection I have found for my new therapeutic hobby. Thank you so much."
Allyson, OH 5/10/07

"You have the very best site."
Judith, PA 5/09/07

""Your stamps are beautiful.... thank you."
Gwen, WI 3/19/07

"Package arrived today! It exceeded my expectations! Great Job!"
Jim, OR 1/13/07

"First I must say I'm impressed that I was contacted because of a mistake I made. Thank you! :)

Thank you so much for your attention to customer service and I look forward to receiving the stamps, highly recommending you to friends and family and ordering more in the future. :)
Monica, NV 1/13/07

"I really appreciate your honesty"
Arlene, NM

"My package arrived this afternoon, and we have already tried out all of the stamps. They are all wonderful! So wonderful, that there are some others from your site that I want to order. Thanks again for the wonderful stamps and great service!"
Jill, OH 1/11/07

"I just wanted to tell you that I got the stamps today and love them so much."
Kathi, CA 1/11/07

"As always, I LOVE your stuff!"
Roberta, MD 1/4/07

" I did receive quite a few emails yesterday with respect to virtual receipts, tracking, refunds, etc. You folks are definitely on the ball! Thank you sooooooooooooo much for catching my error. I would only like one order of "The Letter," accordingly, please cancel my second order of this one stamp. All of your stamps are so beautiful that I get caught up in my ordering!
Cynthia, WA 1/10/07

"I've been a rubber stamper since 1992, and in all my years I've never had a company respond as you have. Since you have purchased Rubber Baby, I've been visiting your site. I'm very impressed with the diversity of companies you carry. And I'm eternally grateful that you are so willing to accomodate us consumers. Thank you so much. You've made a fan for life! I've been telling every stamper I know."
Connie, CA 10/29/06

"I just wanted to say thanks so much for your wonderful customer service. I'm very happy with my stamps!! I'll defininetly be ordering from you again."
Lisa, WI 10/28/06

"I have to say your new website is absolutely wonderful. It moves so quickly and the search feature allowed me to order more stamps quickly and put some in my account for the future. It's a real pleasure to browse through your huge selection! Your Asian selection is unmatched!"
Connor, NY 10/27/06

"You have excellent customer service. Thanks for helping me. I will be placing an order again soon and tell all my friends about you."
Cyndi, PA 10/26/06

"You guys rock! I love all of your stuff. I frequently recommend you guys. Your images and quality are top notch. And your customer serves is pretty great, too!"
Raine, MA 10/25/06

"Thank you - will definitely be ordering more! Love them."
Betsy, NY 10/23/06

"Thanks for letting me know about your system changes. And all the way from Paris! Now THAT"S customer service!!! There isn't any rush for info. It was just something that came up when I was cruising your site. By the way... your stuff is fabulous. Expect more orders from this satisfied customer. : )"
Raine, MA 10/19/06

"I received my stamps today, and they are, as ever, LOVELY!!! Thanks again for making these images available as rubber stamps.
Deborah, IN 10/14/06

"don't think I have viewed a range of stamps that have inspired me more. I can't wait to receive them"
June, UK 10/12/06

"Received my order today.... Whew huw, can't wait to place my next order... which by the way I already have made up!! LOL Thanks so much for the great stamps and will order in the next couple of weeks, thanks again."
Jodi, AR 10/10/06

"I was happy to hear that your site is up and running. It was worth the wait. Great set up. Thanks for making it so easy to browse your merchandise."
Joji, MO 9/22/06

"Congratulations on your new web site! Its quite impressive and user-friendly. There is no rush for this order, in case you're overwhelmed with orders or unforeseen glitches (with the new site). Besides, waiting increases my anticipation. Shalom/Salaam/Peace!
Scott, MI 09/21/06

"It's astonishing. Easily the best rubber stamp site on the net, but maybe even the best of any kind. Worth the wait. You have truly thought of everything. I am delighted to be part of it. I hope the orders are pouring in!!!"
Linda, GA 09/19/06

"All because I had a big mouth and was bragging right here that Stamp Francisco was one of the best reasons to go to the Novi, MI convention. This year they couldn't come, so Catherine was a sweetie and let me shop and test the new website. I love their stuff, too. And they provide some of the best service I've ever received shopping online. The new website is awesome! Very easy to navigate and speedy. Click on the link on the left and get ready to empty your pocketbook! "
Nise, as posted on Gingerwood 09/18/06

"The new website is fabulous!! Can't wait to take some serious time and sit down and look around (and shop!). And I'm so glad you've got RBBB!!!"
Susan, SC 9/18/06

"Congratulations on your brand new site. It is so huge that I am overwhelmed by it all. I am slowly taking my time getting used to all the massive info located there. All I can say is WOW!!! Keep up all the excellent work its been a long, hard road but your almost there!"
Susan, Canada 09/18/06

"Okay - so I'm the one who's done the most complaining about online catalogs - so it seems appropriate that I be the one to offer the perfect example of how it SHOULD be done!!

Stamp Francisco (one of my favorite stamp companies) has spent a long time gathering up other stamp companies and creating a fabulous website. It's finally up and running - most of it anyway. And it's sooooooooooo easy to peruse, browse, , find what you want, buy - I couldn't have done it better myself.

AND - most importantly - I have always been in love with Stamp Francisco's images and their taste in the other companies they've been bringing into the fold. I'm so happy to have them back - I think I"m going to go broke today for sure.

I'm a happy girl today!" Their service is the best too!
Kathy, as posted on Gingerwood 09/18/06

"Yeah!!!!!! I am so happy you have finished the site. I look everyday, and today, I was browsing the catalogs and YIPPEE when I came back to the home page you were up!!! I am so happy! Everything looks great! Congrads to you!
Kathie, NH 09/16/06

"Well!! I must say that the new site is wonderful! Easy to navigate and easy to see the images! I can't wait for everything to be up and running! Great job!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxooxoo

p.s. I'm hoping to win the lottery so I can buy all of the images I LOVE in your catalog! :)"
Susan, CA 08/29/06"

"Paula, I read in RSM that Stamp Francisco has purchased the RBBB line of stamps!!! I am so happy that your wonderful stamps will live on, and I can't think of a nicer RS company to have, YOU guys!"
Jeanne, MO 08/18/06 Forwarded by Paula

"I loved browsing your new web site. I am looking forward to browsing it again with more serious intent!"
Sharon, CO 08/11/06

"WOW!Great work on the web site."
Kathleen, PA 07/31/06

"Thank you so much you are about the quickest merchant I have purchased anything from!!!!! Absolutely wonderful I will spread the word to everyone I know as well as visit again soon!
Kristen, CA 07/28/06

"Your new website design is absolutely wonderful - I LOVE it !!! You certainly have been working hard to develop a VERY user friendly and comprehensive site for stampers to learn, peruse and shop. I already have my "wish list" started !!"
Ann, FL 06/14/06

"The new site is AWESOME. The stamps that you have are beautiful. I will definitely be ordering some things from you. If fact I will probably be one of your best customers‚ LOL. I have an entire room full of stamps and stamping supplies. I go to every convention that is in within 150 miles. I also scope out rubber stamp store when vacationing to other areas of the country. I am truly addicted. Several of my friends have quite a few of your stamps, the stamps are great quality."
Robin, MN 05/24/06

"I received my seven stamps in the mail this morning! Talk about fast service! I've already tried out the ones I'm going to keep and I LOVE them. I know my friends will, too. Your images are fantastic; my computer is in danger of short circuiting because I salivate all over it every time I look at your website. Thank you for being out there for us stamp-o-philes!"
Heidi, MD 5/18/06

"The new site is FANTASTIC. Nice to look at, fast and very carefully build, with good colors."
Annemiek, The Netherlands 5/20/06

"Appreciate the speed in processing and shipping. Love your rubber, can't wait to create! Regards."
Carla, KY 04/30/06

"Thank you, as always, for the great service! I got them today and they are fantastic. I know what I'm doing this weekend."
Romi, CA 04/29/06

"Great! Thanks so much for your speedy service. My husband has his ink pads and an elephant stamp we purchased locally ready to go and can't wait for the shipment to arrive. =)"
Ann, PA 04/23/06

" I received my stamps today; April 15. Wow, that was fast!! I shall go "play" in a few minutes."
Mary, FL 04/15/06

"Stamps arrived and they are BEAUTIFUL! I'm very, very pleased. Will be happy to pass the word about your wonderful stamps."
Carol, NY 04/14/06

"Thank you so much, I received the stamps yesterday and I'm thrilled with them. Best Wishes."
Mary, CA 04/04/06

"Just wanted you to know that I was thrilled to find your package waiting for me when I got home tonight. What fast, fast service! I'm really glad the stamps came before I left for vacation. I'm going to make some time tomorrow to at least test them out. Thanks so much for the fast service. You're awesome! I hope this series is a hit for your company!"
Jill, MI 03/30/06

"And, yeah... you guys ROCK!"
Raine, MA 03/24/06

"Your images are really wonderful. Over the last few days I have spent about 4 hours going through your site."
Raine, MA 03/22/06

"Thank you for all your help today. There's lots of stuff I want to order!!! I did not notice the "Rubber Dividends", that is great. I have several friends that I'm going to recommend your site to. Your stamps are beautiful. Looking forward to the new site. Thanks again. "
Terri, GA 02/16/06

"Thanks so much for shipping my order so quickly. I received it yesterday. I will look forward to your new site. All the best."
Laurie, VA 02/03/06

"Yeah! I love these stamps - thanks so much for creating such an incredible catalog of stamps to choose from! Thanks also for your note about the mdse. credit I have from my recent order. I'm going to take advantage of that right away."
Michele, NH 02/01/06

"Thank you so much for the prompt service."
Elaine, MI 01/23/06

"Catherine -- You have gone above and beyond the call of duty. I think it will be great when you have the shopping cart. Many thanks for all the help you gave me some days ago with the problems I was having viewing your .pdf catalog pages."
Jeff, GA 01/05/06

"I recently started rubber stamping. I have ordered from Stamp Francisco several times and absolutely love them. Their service is fast, and friendly. The owners are very knowledgeable about their products and rubber stamping in general."
Cheryl, GA 12/5/05

"I wanted to let you know that I got my stamps friday. I love them and they leave a great clear image. I have used both and have used the witches cat stamp tons already:) I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the stamps, the customer service was superior as well. I got these stamps super fast too! thanks so much"
Katy, MI 10/3/05

"Just wanted to let you know the stamps arrived yesterday and aren't they beautiful :)"
Rebecca, Australia 9/28/05

"Yes you can walk around and say "kathryn likes me she really really likes me" people might think your crazy but at least i like you:) i will be ordering more as money allows. i feel like a little kid at christmas!!"
Kathryn, MI 9/27/05

"My mother sent me this e-mail today (her birthday): "Your gift came yesterday too. Oh my goodness, such a neat package. Each stamp was wrapped in a separate little package, and then they were all in this exquisite little moss green bag with beaded fringe and everything. And a lovely little card inside. I love the stamps!!!!!! The tiger is cool, as is the elephant, but my favorite is definitely the giraffe. I can't wait to make some cards using all of the stamps."

Good luck at your stamp show; your help was fantastic! I couldn't have asked for more."

Paula, GA 9/12/05

"THANK YOU! It's been a pleasure. I'm sure I'll be back at Christmas time!"
Christine, TN 9/8/05

"I am enjoying my Halloween stamps and appreciate how quickly you were able to resolve my little problem. Your company is a delight to work with and I look forward to ordering a LOT more items in the future."
Terri, CA 9/8/05

"Thanks for the fast service. I must send people to your site as I hadn't realised you had SO many gorgeous images. Many of the homeschoolers here study Egypt, Greece, Rome and China as set topics. Your stamps are perfect"
Joyce, TX 9/1/05

"I'm absolutely busting to buy some of your stamps, Thanks for your very rapid response!"
Rebecca, Australia 9/1/05

"Hello, my stamps arrived today! I am so excited, I can't wait to sit down and start stamping. They are all so lovely. "
Holley, TX 8/25/05

" I love your customer service"
Linda, NV 8/11/05

" I have arrived back in Scotland and must thank you for the quick arrival of the stamps to the Wyndham Hotel Palm Springs they arrived before we did and were waiting for us on our arrival I dont know how you did it but thanks again"
Norma, Scotland 7/12/05

"I have received the stamp I ordered. Thank you so much for the quick delivery. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to more shopping on the website."
Karen, NY 7/9/05

"Thank you for that incredibly fast reply! Thank you again for all your kindness. I will be looking forward to seeing you... in ...OH it just two weeks??? "
Linda MO 6/27/05

"Thank you for my gorgeous stamps and wonderfully fast service! "
Cynthia, NY 06/23/05

"I got the package on the 9th, and love everything! Now I wish I'd ordered the bigger skull and the other dancing skeleton... next order for sure! Thanks!!"
Melissa, MI 06/12/05

"Thank you for your help. I will be happy to do business with you any time!"
Joan, OH 5/25/05

" I received the stamps and they are just fantastic. You are awsome"
Romi, CA 5/21/05

"I appreciate your quick answers. I am very impressed! Thanks"
Joan, OH 5/15/05

"I just received the stamps! How fast was that!!! Barely 2 days and across the entire country! They are great and thanks so much for sending along the catalogs! I've also just finished downloading the StampFrancisco catalog - WOW, there is lots more that I just have to have. What a huge catalog too, I'll be taking my time going through them all, and then you'll be hearing from me again. What a pleasure it has been ordering from you! Thank you very much."
Nancy, PA 5/12/05

"Thanks! You folks are really fast!"
Karen, NH 4/27/05

" The package arrived today, and the stamps are marvelous. Thank you!"
Maria, IL 4/19/05

" Thanks for the great service and your stamps are great, so finely etched. Thanks again. I’ll be ordering again soon"
Gail, VA 4/11/05

"Thanks very much, I appreciate your attention to the delivery of my stamps"
Gail, VA 4/6/05

"Thank you for the information. Your website was very helpful"
Maria, IL 4/4/05

"I received the stamps already, and I just couldn't love them more! They're absolutely beautiful! Please look forward to more orders from me"
Alice, NC 4/3/05

" I figured out how to view the stamps! They're fabulous! "
Jenny, 3/29/05

"Thank you so much! I received my stamp and die on Thursday when I got home and I was using the replacement yesterday morning by 5am. It works wonderfully and I love it!"
Tracy, OR 3/26/05

"Thanks for your quick service!"
Leslie, MD, 3/11/05

"Thanks again for writing. I do love your stamps! "
Jani, AZ 2/28/05

"I was totally blown away by your customer service and the speed in which I received my order."
Josette, WA 2/25/05

"I received my order today. The stamps are absolutely wonderful!!!!!! I love them. With your permission I would like to add your link to my website. Thank you for the fast and courteous service."
Josette, WA 2/25/05

"Many thanks for your latest batch of stamps which arrived here yesterday! We are in the middle of a Nor'Easter down here in Boston so I will have plenty of time to design some new cards with your new stamp goodies! By all means use me as a satisfied customer testimonial anytime!"
Susan, Canada 2/22/05

" Many thanks for getting this order right out to us so pronto!!! Thanks too for the amazingly low shipping charge~ I really appreciate all the superb top-notch customer service that you continue to give me. I can hardly wait to get my latest batch and play with all my SF stamps! It is always my pleasure chatting with you as well as I always learn something new and I so dig that! I shall keep in and you too please do let me know how things are going on your end with the new system when a spare moment might permit as I know you are mega busy right now! I just can hardly wait to see how the new launch goes for you along with all the new goodies that will go along with it! Yahoo! Best of Luck you guys! From, Susan #1 Stamp Francisco Fan In Canada and Beyond"
Susan, Canada 2/21/05

"Thanks so much!! Love the images and can hardly wait to play! "
Suzanne, WA 2/18/05

"I just received the stamps. VERY FAST and VERY FINE!!!!"
Anna, OR 2/16/05

"The stamps are as nice as pictured in your advertisement"
Marcy, OR 2/10/05

"Dear 'French Lady' Thank you for being so helpful."
Breda, Ireland 1/19/05

"The stamps are here and they're perfect. I've tried them all already :) thanks again for the beautiful stamps :)"
Rosa, Portugal 1/18/05

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